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So-Cal Jax Wax, INC

S0-Cal Jax Wax, Inc is the Southern California Distributor of , Jax Wax Premium Car Care and Automotive Detailing products, tools and accessories. 

Update:  So-Cal Jax Wax, Inc is excited to announce our new store location!

Jax Wax El Cajon 336 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021 Target Shopping Center

Which are manufactured exclusively for Professional use in order to Realize Outstanding Results the First Time and Be Fast and Easy to use. Jax Wax is the best source for professional-grade car care and automotive detailing products that are fast and easy to use with excellent results.

The quality and results of our products had spread to consumers through word of mouth. People began inquiring as to how they could get the same professional automotive detailing products to get the same results on their vehicles.


Up until that time, we had never packaged our products in "consumer friendly" quantities. We were used to providing our products in drums, pails and gallons.

Well, consumer demand was so high that we decided to give people what they want, the same professional automotive detailing products in smaller consumer-friendly quantities. Since that time, the consumer part of our business continues to grow on word of mouth.


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