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Jax Classic Pure Carnauba Paste Wax 16 oz. (Can)


It's hard to beat the finish and reflective qualities found from pure carnauba paste wax. Jax Wax Classic Paste Wax is made from the highest quality of Brazilian Yellow #1 Grade of Carnauba availab... Read More

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It's hard to beat the finish and reflective qualities found from pure carnauba paste wax. Jax Wax Classic Paste Wax is made from the highest quality of Brazilian Yellow #1 Grade of Carnauba available. Jax Wax Classic Paste Wax will bring out the the best in your paint finish, Unlike other paste waxes, Jax Wax Classic Past Wax is easy on and easy off making it easy to create a great finish.

Other than high reflective qualities, Jax Wax Classic Paste Wax is also durable. It provides an extremely hard shell over your finish - protecting against scratches and other surface contaminants. Jax Wax Classic Paste Wax also naturally difuses UV rays from the sun to help prevent against fading and oxidation.


1. For best results - start with a clean surface!
Think of applying wax like painting a wall - the better surface you start with the nicer the finish will look .

2. Using an Applicator / Wax Pad apply the product in thin even layers.
Thin is In! You not are adding anymore protection, durability or shine by using more product. No need to use circular wiping motions! Just wipe it on in straight lines, slightly overlapping each time. By applying the product thin, you also avoid caking wax in the body seams and are not wasting product.

3. Do the entire vehicle at once.
Don't be scared - because the product comes off so easy and without streaking or hazing, it is not necessary to do sections at a time.

4. Wax your windshield, glass, mirrors and chrome.
The product works similar to rain repellent products, will not streak with the wipers and is a lot easier to apply.

5. After the product dries, wipe it off with a microfiber towel and reveal a brilliant finish!
Turn your towel over frequently to achieve best results. For best results and to eliminate scratching use a Microfiber Towel.

Final but Most Important Step
Most importantly - take a step back and enjoy the results or your work. While you're at it, take a minute or two and dress the tires to complete your detail.


Maintain It
For in between waxes to keep your ride looking like new and to extend the protection of the wax use a quick detailer like Jax Wax Body Shine or Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine.

The reason that we are confident that you will love the products is simple - We ARE the Manufacturer.

Even though more costly, we only use the highest quality ingredients and do not dilute our products to increase profits.

These are the same car waxes that we sell to our commercial customers consisting of hundreds of car dealers, professional detailers and auto body shops every day. Jax Wax car wax is commercial product that is of higher quality than than most "retail" car care products that sit on the "wax wall" vying for your hard earned dollars with slick labels and packaging. Click here to read "Should You Use Professional Car Care Products?

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