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Exterior Wash and Wax Car Care Kit


The Jax Wax Exterior Wash and Wax Car Care Bucket Organizer Kit has Everything to make Washing, Waxing and Maintaining a Showroom Finish easy! The Jax Wax Exterior Wash and Wax Car Care Bucket Orga... Read More

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The Jax Wax Exterior Wash and Wax Car Care Bucket Organizer Kit has Everything to make Washing, Waxing and Maintaining a Showroom Finish easy!

The Jax Wax Exterior Wash and Wax Car Care Bucket Organizer Kit Includes:

Jax Wax Liquid Carnauba Wax 16 oz.

  • The Original Easy On, Easy Off Carnauba - Creates an Unmatched Brilliant, Durable Finish -It's Easy to use! Creates an unmatched dazzling, reflective deep finish that enhances, protects and reconditions any kind of vehicle finish.
  • Effortlessly wipes on and off the average size vehicle in under 30 minutes with no hazing, streaks, smears or dust - even in direct sunlight.
  • Used day in day out by countless Auto Dealerships, Professional Detailers, Body Shops, Auto Auctions, Professional Race Teams, Auto Museums, and the most discriminating classic car owners where results matter..

Why? Because it is a Professional Product that is Easy to Apply, Easy to Wipe Off and Provides a Brilliant Showroom-Finish even when Used in the Direct Sunlight.

Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine Spray Wax 16oz.

  • Professional Grade Spray Wax and Quick Detailer
    Simply Spray and Wipe - Go From Driver to Show Car in 5 minutes
  • Works extremely well on any surface including paint, glass, chrome, wheels and trim
  • Will not streak or smear even in high heat and humidity
  • Extends protection to any existing wax on your finish
  • Leaves a slick and slick, glossy, deeper brilliant finish
  • Makes it easier to keep your vehicle clean

Jax Wax Wash & Wax Soap 16 oz.

  • Highly Concentrated, Designed for "Sheeting" Water During Rinsing to Help Reduce Water Spots Aids in Even Drying
  • Only Need a Couple Ounces in Your Bucket
  • Easily Lifts Dirt and Grime From Your Finish
  • Will Not Strip Off Existing Protection or Wax
  • Leaves a Perfectly Clean Shiny Finish

Commercial Grade Resealable Wash Bucket

This 3 1/2 Gallon bucket has a resealable lid that also makes it easy to organize your Detail Goodies when you are on the go. Also makes a great seat!

1 Premium Microfiber Wash Mitt
Extremely absorbent, this waffle weave towel holds nine times its weight in fluids. It can actually be used in place of chamois. The durable waffle weave piping on this towel will not scratch painted or clear coat automotive finishes.

2 Edgeless Utility 16" X 16" Microfiber Towels
These are a "Must Have" and one of the True Innovations in Detailing.

1 Super Blue Tire Dressing 16oz.

  • Easily Restores Fading
  • Protects and Prevents Fading, Cracking and Other Harmful UV Effects
  • Long Lasting - the product will not wash right off like water-based dressings
  • Dries Completely - Will Not Stay Tacky After Application
  • Safe and won't stain painted surfaces
  • Easily Removes Dirt and Grime From Your Finish Without Scratching
  • Ultra Soft, Deep Plush Pile
  • Holds More Soap than Sponges or Rags
  • Gentle on Your Finish

1 Professional Grade Microfiber Applicator Sponge

1 Tire Dressing Applicator

1 Grit Guard


The reason that we are confident that you will love the Jax Wax Easy Wash and Wax Car Care Bucket Organizer Kit is simple - We ARE the Manufacturer. Even though more costly, we only use the highest quality ingredients and do not dilute our products to increase profits.

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